7 Ways You Can Fight Anxiety Like a Warrior
by Michele Lowe

Since the advancement of modern science, humans have ventured deep into the field of mental health. The daily tasks of humans often are repetitive and hold a vast place in their minds. The simple deadlines, as your manager calls them, can be a heavy burden on your mind if left unchecked. Then there is the tension of balancing one's professional and personal life. Some manage well, whereas others are not able to balance either of the two. Working professionals often focus too much on their professional lives and forget to leave work when they leave the office. It creates an imbalance between work and personal life. It all leads to a domino effect, causing severe or light anxiety in the brain.

There is more awareness regarding mental health recently, especially in these pandemic-ridden times. Many individuals have spent more than a year behind the four walls of their houses. The lockdown restrictions kept us safe, but at the cost of mental health. In countries like the United States of America, both financial loss and personal loss were high. All taken into account, it can leave an individual with a heavy burden. Many tend to stay silent rather than opening up, making the problem worse.

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Studies show that anxiety has the most effect on the mental health of an individual. It can be of many types ranging from light, mild, severe anxiety. The worst affected are the growing adults who juggle between jobs and their families. Balancing between professional and personal responsibilities can be challenging. These all add up and cause anxiety in the individual's mind. There can be many ways to decrease the daily tension, and this article will focus on seven effective manners to do so.


The regular shift in daily jobs and the constant deadlines can be an obstruction to daily exercise. Many working adults complain that they cannot go out or exercise because of no time. The coronavirus pandemic has only escalated this problem, as the lockdown restrictions are globally in place. The lack of exercise can lead to obesity and also lower the productivity of the individual. Regular exercise in a day can effectively fight anxiety as it freshens up your mind. Doing it daily for a month or two can also lead to an increase in productivity. It also has a positive effect on the people around the individual.


An imbalanced diet plan can lead to several complications. They can lead an individual to have an erratic sleep schedule, obesity, and many other diseases. Many working adults suffer from the same hardship, as their schedule is quite hectic. Coffee replaces the daily fruits, and junk food replaces daily meals. A healthy diet should contain proteins, carbohydrates, iron, calcium, and many more. It should have a balance of micronutrients and macronutrients. A balanced diet can be vital to your professional career and help you climb the ladder. The perfect mix of nutrients can decrease your anxiety daily.


Sleep schedules are essential to an individual. Whether you are from America or the UK, the sleep cycle is the key to productivity. Anxiety can be a reason for your irregular sleep cycles. The tension from work or your daily chores can make your brain put you on hypertension. You can reduce your anxiety by improving your sleep cycle. A regular sleep cycle can help the individual focus on one task at a time.


The pandemic has changed how workplaces operate and function. The remote workplace option is the new normal, even after the pandemic ends. The recent resignation drive in the United States of America is because individuals are trying to move away from hectic jobs. The problems lie in the boundaries as workers feel that companies often exploit them. The working hours increased worldwide, but fewer payouts were in place in pandemic situations across the world. The imbalance causes anxiety. The vital part is to create definite boundaries between work and family. Take adequate time off and remember to maintain a positive work-life balance.


Another way of controlling your daily anxiety is to use artificial products which help you with the same. Many chemical-based interventions calm the user and have a soothing effect. They also have severe side effects for many users, which can be harmful in the long term. It is where organic products come into play, as they have no side effects. They range from CBD-Based products, Cannabis products, Delta-8, and many more.

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CBD or cannabinol originates from the thin leaves of the popular Sativa plant. The plant is easy to grow and needs less maintenance. The CBD-Based products range from CBD capsules, CBD Tincture , safe and natural vape, and many more. They have Hemp extract in them, which mixes with the bloodstream of the consumer. CBD Oil for anxiety is a famous option, and it also improves the well-being of the consumer.


Families are often a source of enjoyment and solace. The unconditional support they offer many times is quite unmatched. In all the hustle-bustle of daily life, many forget about their family life. Interacting with your family about the things which make you anxious can improve your mental peace. It is a proven method to decrease anxiety and increase your productivity daily. They make you strong and always give you options to pick in challenging situations.


The best method to fight anxiety can be taking some personal time off from a hectic life. Personal time off is very critical, especially in these challenging pandemic times. It can be a week away from work or just a couple of days which help you unwind properly. Shut your work devices and only focus on yourself and the ones around you. The recent remote option also allows you to work from different places, further helping you in relaxing.


Anxiety can be a problem and affect the daily functioning of an individual. Studies show that long-term anxiety can lead to improper mental health balance, which can be severe in the long term. Many doctors suggest taking one personal break per month if you are in a demanding job. Talking to people around you regarding your problems can be a great help. Introducing organic products like CBD-Based products can also help you fight your anxiety like a Roman gladiator. The low content of THC makes them legal in most states of the United States of America. Anxiety can be daunting for many, and the best way to counter it is by sharing and seeking the best solution.

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