Allergic Reactions are NOT Harmless!
Allergic Reactions are NOT Harmless!

Most people believe that allergic reactions are a harmless inconvenience, but nothing could be further from the truth. They are, in fact, part and parcel of our current epidemic of chronic disease.

Your cells can be struggling with toxicity and deficiency long before symptoms occur. By the time you experience symptoms, by the time you experience allergic reactions, you are already ill and need to be doing some remedial work to reverse the tide.
How Are Allergies Created?
An elevated toxic load in the body – chemicals, heavy metals, plastics, viruses, food additives, fluoride, yeast, fungus, bacteria, etc – can create an Interleukin-6
response from the immune system. Autoantibodies are created to fight these “outside invaders” and this is done through inflammation and creating certain food sensitivities to perceived allergens. What happens after a certain period of time, however, is that cellular communication breaks down and these autoantibodies cannot differentiate between pathogens and healthy tissue. This autoimmune reaction begins to inflame joints, muscles, connective tissue, arteries, bladder linings, etc. Histamine reactions create sensitivities and allergies to different foods – the most common being gluten (wheat), casein/dairy, corn and soy.
A Gut Feeling!
An imbalanced terrain is created in the gut or small intestine after years of refined foods, stress, an elevated toxic load and antibiotic usage. The lining of the small intestine – where over 70% of immune-producing cells are created – no longer is a colony for the good probiotic bacteria but is inhabited by bad bacteria. This compromises the lining to be more porous so that toxins and undigested proteins “leak” out of the lining into the bloodstream. When this happens the Interleukin-6 reaction is triggered and misplaced immunity is, once again, the unintended consequence. Candida yeast and fungus can cause all types of skin blotches and itchiness.
The Tissue Issue
Heavy metals are some of the chief culprits when we talk about the cumulative toxic insult on the body. Sources of heavy metals come from tap water, refined foods, pesticides, herbicides, auto exhaust, paint, seafoods, dental amalgam fillings, cigarettes (including second-hand smoke), beer, toothpaste, industrial pollution, household detergents, batteries and hair dyes, just to name a few.

Metals don’t live in the bloodstream for very long. The body sequesters them into the water and fat-soluble tissue in order to get it as far away from the bloodstream as possible. These metals prevent the proper absorption of many nutrients, especially essential minerals. They also compromise many of the body’s systems, including the endocrine, digestive and neurological systems. And, of course, this cumulative metal load triggers misplaced immunity, causing many different types of allergies including skin eruptions, rashes, eczema and Vitiligo.
What Can I Do?
Minimize exposure to white flour, sugar, alcohol, meat, dairy, corn, peanuts, prepared and processed foods, food additives, and prescription drugs. Clear up any intestinal yeast, bacterial or parasitic infections. Eating a good diet of fresh, whole foods that are predominantly uncooked is essential.
We suggest the following supplements & detoxification agents:
1) Six grams of vitamin C per day. It is an immune enhancer and a natural antihistamine. Buffered vitamin C is best, and one that comes in a crystal form.
2) Quercetin also reduces the release of histamine and will help reduce food allergies and sensitivities. You want a quality quercetin that is a unique bioflavinoid derived from plant sources.
3) Vitamin E is essential in rebuilding immune competence. Look for a pure vVitamin E that is not synthetic.
4) Try cod liver oil or fish oil that is high in omega-3 fatty acids. A good fish oil can help build healthy cell membranes. Be sure the oil is 100% pure and free of heavy metals.
5) Try taking a bath in bentonite detoxifying clay to help decrease the cumulative toxic load on the body. Be sure the clay has a high cation exchange capacity for drawing the pollutants from the surface tissue of the skin.
6) Chelation will decrease the burden of heavy metals in the tissue. Try a safe oral chelation product that has been clinically tested.
The Final Analysis
We should never accept allergies as just part of life. Leading an allergy-free life is possible. But you must do more than just manage and control symptoms. The immune system can be strengthened so that it doesn’t react to things it shouldn’t be reacting to. This takes work, but vibrant health is well worth it.
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