Understanding Body pH Balance

Understanding Body pH Balance

There appears to be a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to body pH balance. In a healthy body the pH of the interiority of the cells and of the interstitial fluids should be slightly alkaline.

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However, for most of us, this has been reversed: Our cells and fluids have become slightly acidic.

This is primarily due to the “Average American Diet” where the majority of foods are acid-producing.

Combine this with the cumulative toxic burden, over the years, of heavy metals, food additives, chemicals, bacteria, viruses, plastics, pesticides, etc, and the use of pharmaceuticals like antibiotics, and it is small wonder that many of us suffer from acidosis. And it is this very acidosis that is the perfect terrain for chronic, degenerative and autoimmune symptoms.

As Dr. Thomas Nissen, ND and environmental specialist, points out: “When the body reaches a point where its ability to remove the excess acids are overcome by the acids both produced and consumed, the body must resort to storing the acids within which is the first step for all degenerative diseases, including cancer.”

The Proper Reading of pH Values

When it comes to reading pH strips for either the saliva or the urine, there is also some misunderstanding. Outside of the cellular terrain and cellular fluids, the body self regulates what the pH environment should be. For instance, let’s take the bloodstream as an example. The bloodstream was designed to be between 7.2 – 7.4 pH to ensure survival of the body.

When the pH of the bloodstream drops below this, there is a self-regulating mechanism that comes into play. The body will go into the bones and teeth to leech alkalizing minerals like calcium and magnesium to buffer the blood. The very large incidence of osteoporosis in this country is a direct result – in many of the cases – of acidosis in the body.

Let’s use one more example, the stomach. In a healthy environment the pH should be about 4.5 pH. This is quite acidic because of the presence of hydrochloric acid needed to break down the food for proper absorption. However, in a state of cellular acidosis the pH balance between alkalinity and acidity is off. This not only can lower alkaline readings in the body; it can also lower acid readings.

In a state of acidosis the stomach may not be able to produce the right amount of stomach acids. Acid reflux and GERD is actually the opposite of what most people think they are. A lack of hydrochloric acid causes the body to flood the region with more acid. It is this OVERFLOW that is experienced as acid reflux. So, yes, antacids will work to alleviate temporary discomfort, but the root cause is not addressed in this way.

Because the body self regulates many areas that are too acidic with alkalizing buffers, urine and saliva pH can actually measure high (7.0 or higher) when the body is in a state of high acidosis. Also, during detoxification, when the body is flushing out lactic acid wastes through the urine, there can be very high acidic readings (6.0 and below). This, in and of itself, may not be a bad sign, but an indication that the body is excreting toxic material.

Remember, you are only as  acidiic or alkaline as the last thing that you ate or drank. So, when taking urine or saliva pH, it is important to take it at least 4 times per day at varying times – and then to calculate the average. Or, if you're not able to take readings 4 times per day in between meals, then it's best to take the morning's second urine before eating or drinking.

The blood sugar rises when asleep (that's why some diabetics need to take
their blood sugar levels in the middle of the night). The first morning's
urine is always more acidic because of the increase in blood sugar levels.
By the 2nd morning's urine the pH levels begin to self regulate and readings can
be more accurate.

Healthy body pH balance values are as follows: Urine, 6.7 – 7.5 and Saliva, 6.4 – 6.8. There are exceptions to these values as noted above, but on average this is the range you want to be in.

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