Calcium AEP (Amino Ethanol Phosphate) for Nerve Support

Calcium AEP (Amino Ethanol Phosphate) for Nerve Support

Calcium AEP for Nerve Support - The health of our cells depends to a large degree on their ability to keep toxic material out. This includes toxic or unbiological chemicals, endotoxins produced by microbes inside the body and also harmful concentrations of otherwise useful biological chemicals. Such toxic matter tends to weaken and disrupt the energy production within cells and is a major factor in disease processes such as cancer and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Toxic chemicals, together with useful ones, can enter inside the cells only through special pores in the cell wall. In healthy cells the entrance points of these pores are protected by special gatekeeper chemicals, mainly the calcium salt of 2-aminoethanol phosphate or AEP. The AEP is heavily concentrated at these entry points and is attached to the cell wall where it keeps the calcium in a fixed position.

In addition to keeping unwanted chemicals from entering, AEP is also effective in transporting essential minerals through the cell wall and into the cell. In addition, it helps to maintain and restore a normal electrical cell potential between both sides of the membrane. With increasing age and disease-related health deterioration we do not seem to be able to produce enough AEP to protect our cells. This leaves them open to attack by undesirable chemicals and toxins, and can cause or contribute to a wide range of diseases.

AEP salts were developed in the 1960’s in Germany by Dr. Hans Nieper. Initially, calcium AEP was mainly used in the successful treatment of multiple sclerosis.. Also, the damaging after effects of viral infections (such as in chronic fatigue) could be greatly reduced. Other disorders that responded well were allergies, asthma, blood pressure and circulation problems, capillary bleeding, cancer, chronic kidney disease, diabetes, ALS and osteoporosis.

Dr. Nieper found and stated that varicose veins stopped deteriorating and aging skin was improved.

Studies and Successes With Calcium AEP

After evaluating the treatment of several thousand multiple sclerosis patients over many years, Dr Nieper found that hardly any one of these patients had developed cancer. Also, in a 6-year study of 8 patients with repeated surgery for colon cancer, there were no further recurrences with calcium AEP therapy.

In 1971, Monninghoff in Munster, Germany, published electron microscopic research demonstrating in a spectacular manner how the sealing of cell membranes with calcium AEP could prevent penetration of peroxidase granules,
a precursor of the state called lipid peroxidation or oxidative stress in the cells.

In Conclusion
Calcium AEP is a unique type of calcium to help nourish nerves and cell membranes. It has been shown to strengthen the cell membrane and to detoxify the interior of the cell. Its use by Dr. Hans Nieper in Multiple Sclerosis patients is legendary. Its use and study in many autoimmune symptoms and disorders has created a great optimism in those healthcare practitioners who are familiar with its properties and effects on their patients.

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