Himalayan Alexander Crystal Salt - A Gift from Mother Nature

Himalayan Alexander Crystal Salt - A Gift from Mother Nature
by Klaus Ferlow, HMH, HA

This has to be one of the greatest re-discovery of modern times! Natural Himalayan Alexander Crystal salt for a healthy and energetic life! It is estimated that between 250 – 300 million years ago the Himalayan crystal salt was formed on Mother Earth!

Water – our body consists of approx. 70% water – and salt, as well as pollution free air are key components and the essence of life with the tremendous healing power of Mother Nature! Life could not exist without any of them. Unfortunately researchers in Germany found that all lakes in Germany are polluted with particles of plastic, some of them so small you can see with your naked eye. Further research is done to determine what influence this might have the health of us humans.

Did you know that today over 70% of our earth is covered with water but at the same time you have areas in different parts of the world, for example California and Africa with severe droughts since lack of rain. Life comes from the ocean, a natural sole (water and salt solution) contains the essential energy for the creating of life. All forms on this planet have emerged from the ocean and we can observe this process in the growth of the fetus in the womb.

Our drinking water today, however city water in many countries containing chlorine, chloromine, fluoride and other chemicals to keep bacterial under control, does not even have the energy and vibration it once had. Clean drinking water free of the toxic gas chlorine (even steam distilled water which is basically dead water without any nutrients and minerals, can be harmful) is absolutely essential for all proper body functions since every cell needs to keep function and it acts as lubricant for our joints, regulates our body temperature including skin and organ integrity, immune system balance, cellular sweating respiration and repair, (never use any anti-antiperspirant products because it eliminates poisons from our body),waste elimination, and longevity.

How long can human survive without water?

We can live without food three weeks but only one week without water and could be shorter in different conditions, like horrible heat. One week is based on observation of people at the end of their lives when food and water intake has been stopped. However, one week is a generous estimate, three to four days would be more typical.
In Europe they are using ozone sterilization very successfully, as a healthy alternative in the treatment of drinking water, even in swimming pools! Ozone was discovered as disinfectant of water in 1893 and is utilized in Germany, France, Japan, Cuba, Mexico and USA.

The water you are drinking today – I am not sure who came up with the suggestion that everybody no matter what their weight and height is should drink up to 8 large glasses of water daily to prevent dehydration. Chinese Traditional doctors don't believe in it and their philosophy is that the body will tell you when you need to drink water. Might it be the water bottling industry came up with the suggestion?
Water can either be a healing elixir or a deadly poison for example in countries where people have no access to clean drinking water such as Africa, Asia etc. (I experienced it myself when I visited in November 2012 India).

Water and salt has been the most essential part of the earth's ocean, the “URMEER” from which all life evolved. Are you aware that the percentage of salt in the ocean is exactly the same as in the blood of our bodies? The energy of the sun dried up the sea millions of years ago. Natural crystal salt has been exposed to enormous pressure inside the earth, which cause its special formation. The higher the pressure, the more perfect the crystalline structure became with it natural energy. Never having been subjected to pollution it remained pure. This is called sole (so-lay) or brine. Contrary to stone salt, the minerals and trace elements in crystal salt are bound in colloid form which can be absorbed and assimilated into our body immediately.

The minerals and trace elements of the salt crystals are just important to our health as are vitamins. In fact, with life evolving from the ocean, would it not make sense that a balance for these important elements that existed then, would be an essential harmonious balance required by our bodies today? Our bodies require up to 84 natural elements that are found in the Himalayan crystal salt, to be able to function perfectly and in its natural form, is fully alive. When this salt is taken with food, the body receives a vital energetic effect, benefiting for up to twenty four hours. A defect of energy causes a chaotic condition in the body which can mean disease! Harmony on the other hand mean body health!

What is the remarkable difference between Himalayan Alexander crystal salt, common table salt, sea salt and rock salt?


The crystal salt comes from the Himalayas that covers part of China, India and Pakistan and they are using traditional methods in mining the salt such as breaking the rocks by hand, sorting, washing in sole and drying in the sun to preserve their energy. Cheap versions of the salt are coming from mines where they are using blasting with iron and metal equipment which destroys the true holographic memory within the salt crystals. The majority of such salt is sold world wide!

The unknown miracle that comes from the Himalayan Alexander crystal salt elixir is that only a few drops are needed to enhance virtually any liquid to their specific potential! In addition,, the drops would also enhance the pH towards a higher alkalinity from 7 (filtered water) to 10, which is very healthy at the intake level. Blood must maintain a pH of 7.35 – 7.45.

In order to preserve the inherent vibration pattern within the original Himalayan Crystal Salt, we are talking here about the salt from the Himalayan salt mines of Alexander the Great in Karakurm/Kashmir, it must be hand mined! This increases not only its quality and value, but also it price. Expect to pay a bit more for this salt! It will maintain its pinkish color even when finely granulated.

The benefits of using this salt are numerous including increasing your pH into alkaline (your body should be on a daily basis 70% alkaline and 30% acid, unfortunately in North America it is the opposite!), increasing your vibration level called bovis, relief from sinus, migraine, headaches, allergies, hay fever, asthma attacks, digestion problems, enhanced immune system, increased alertness, improved work productivity, more concentration, lung capacity and reduced susceptibility to cold and flu. Imagine all those great benefits without absolutely no negative side effects, a substance from Mother Earth!

The use of crystal salt combined with quality water reaches to almost all parts of our bodies. It can be used and may be beneficial as a rejuvenating full or half bath. European doctors found that drinking sole can help ease suffering from gout, rheumatism, arthritis and other diseases. Father Sebastian Kneipp became world famous in his lifetime for his water cure and herb treatments.

Here are some highlights what this salt can do for you:

  • can displace an energy deficit and restore balance
  • without the elements potassium and sodium in crystal salt, we could neither think or act
  • it contains the entire spectrum of frequency patterns of elements found in the human body
  • contains all minerals and trace elements of which the body is made
  • water and salt, in combination with light can be built proteins
  • salt used to be more valuable than gold and was used as a form of payment
  • our blood is a 1% sole solution equal to the salt concentration of the oceans
  • the poor condition of our drinking water must be seen as one of the foremost causes for the dramatic increase of disease
  • the best drinking water is pure, natural spring and artesian well water (fortunately we have been using it on our property since 1986!)
  • mature, fresh spring water is free of germs and bacteria due to its crystalline structure

When purchasing Himalayan crystal salt (we are using Himalayan Alexander Crystal Salt in our household since many years) be aware of fraudulent crystal salt in the market place since it is mostly mined in a commercial manner and companies are using the name as a brand identity. Especially with so-called “crystal salts” coming from places such as Germany, Poland and salt plains in central Pakistan, regions not having the geological prerequisites to form crystal salt. Often times, pink shimmering rock salt is sold as “crystal salt” because to the inexperienced eye it cannot be identified by its appearance. Be critical and ask the merchant where they got their salt from, which region and which salt mine and ask for a analysis of the crystal salt.


It is also called white gold to white poison. It has absolutely nothing in common with the original crystal salt of which we are talking about. Salt nowadays is mainly sodium chloride with additives of iodine, fluoride, bleached and it is an aggressive cellular poison additionally burdens our organs and excretion. The result of consuming it (North Americans are one of the largest consumers in the world of refined table salt) is the formation of overly acidic edema, or excess fluid in the body tissue which is also the cause of cellulite and therefore doctors are telling us to avoid salt. Have you noticed how much additional salt people are using on their food in restaurants and how the bags for salted potatoes chips are getting larger all the time?

Similar to white refined poisonous sugar, salt once regarded as the white gold was converted into white poison! Ninety three percent of the world's salt production is more or less used for industrial purposes and another six percent as inexpensive food preservatives. You will find it in ready-to-eat or fast food, yoghurt, bread, ham, sausage, smoked meat, fish etc. This has been a blessing for the food industry because they have been able to extend the shelf life of many of their products for up to one year or more. However, for humans this has been a fatal development creating all kinds of diseases!


Salt deposits as found in salt mines consist of ninety five percent rock salt is far more valuable than refined table salt or sea salt. Bio chemically it is non aggressive. However, the elements within the rock salt have not undergone sufficient compression to be fully fused into a crystalline grid or lattice of structured order but are only attached to the surface and along the fissures of the rock salt. Even though all or most natural elements on earth are found in the rock salt, they are too coarse and unrefined to be absorbed into our cells. Since the elements in rock are are not integrated into the salt's crystal grid, but cling to the outside surface and crevices of the crystalline structure, there are no health benefits to the human body. The valency of the elements depends largely on whether they have been subject to sufficient compression over million of years which integrated them into a crystal grid. Therefore this salt is very different from Himalayan crystal salt.


Salt is plentiful on earth, especially in the oceans. Unfortunately, the oceans are being degraded to waste-disposal dumping facilities from he oil, plastic industry, human waste and are further polluted with heavy metals like lead, cadmium, arsenic, mercury, radiation from the Fukushima nuclear disasters, stranded nuclear U-boots from the Russians, waste from cruise ships and additional pollution from the air. Poison elements have their own vibration pattern which are dissonant and therefore harmful to our health. It is really up to you whether you would feel comfortable to use sea salt in your kitchen.

Words of Wisdom
All of us have in our veins the exact same percentage of salt in our blood that exists in the ocean, and, therefore, we have salt in our blood, in our sweat, in our tears. We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea..we are gong back from whence we came.
- John F. Kennedy Sr.
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Klaus Ferlow, HMH, HA, author, innovator, lecturer, researcher, writer, founder of Ferlow Botanicals and NEEM RESEARCH, Honorary Master Herbalist Dominion Herbal College, Professional Herbal Advocate Canadian Herbalist's Association, board member of the Health Action Network Society, member of the Neem Foundation, Mumbai, India, National Health Federation and other organizations. Co-author of the book “7stepstodentalhealth” and author of the book “Neem: Nature's Healing Gift to Humanity”, published December 2015.
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