Neem: The Earth's Savior

Neem: The Earth's Savior
by Klaus Ferlow, HMH, HA

Human ingenuity has created wondrous developments – from fires to evolving an extraordinary complex social structure, splitting atom, reaching to the moon, mapping the human gnome, evolving the most complex repertoire of communication connecting the world, creating a “dangerous” radiation wireless world!

Man has taken apart and put together everything he could lay his hands upon or think about it. An extraordinary range of creativity has enriched our lives. Some of these activities have helped us wriggle out of situations confining all other forms of life. These are exciting times! We are today living in an age of unprecedented technology strides and some even say this is just the beginning. Internet, electronic mail and jet speed travel have conveniently helped bridge the geographical distances. The challenge before us is to link the wisdom of our past with current knowledge and advanced technology to find ecologically sound solutions to emerging global requirements such as climate change, pollution etc.

Man has dominated and tried to control practically everything around him whether by nature or not. Unfortunately, in exploring nature and his power over it, he has unleashed forces and substances, which have got out of control. Poisonous pesticides are such weapons, with an unjust and immoral attitude to the rest of the living world. Hazardous, dangerous chemicals (one of the worst is glyphosate) found in our water, air (chemtrails), soil, food & drinks (MSG – Monosodiumglutamate), household and garden goods, prescription drugs, plastics, cosmetics and personal care products, electric magnetic radiation from many sources (EMF towers, cell & I-phones, microwave ovens, smart meters just to name a few.

These toxic chemicals damage our body, brain, behavior and sex. Our weather pattern if we just look at the last four to five years with climate change has shown signs of going haywire with hurricanes, tsunamis, thunderstorms, earthquakes, floods, droughts, forest fires, deforestation of the Amazon and nuclear radiation from the disaster of Fukushima. Melting glaciers due to global warming, ozone depletion are all realities which have begun to hit home and touch lives of people in a negative way world over. Add to this left overs of unused weapons from the two world wars who have been dumped into the oceans ready to explode and contaminate the waters for example the Baltic sea and even the area around Halifax (just recently a documentary was aired on TV about it). The question therefore is whether man is his own worst enemy?

The future food security and economic independence of developing Nations depend on meeting our emerging requirements with a degree of caution and an eye on growth based on environmental friendly technologies and a collaborative approach with nature. India and China together constitute 27% of all humanity, which translates into 2.6 billion people who need better food, shelter and medicines with minimum damage to the ecological integrity of our precious land and forest resources.

We humans have disconnected from Mother Earth for our whole lives and therefore are depleted of the health-sustaining energy (electrons) from the earth and forgotten that we are part of our planet and as a result we are suffering from it with a large variety of health problems internally and externally. Did we not as child especially in rural areas where I was growing-up in Northern Germany walking barefoot all summer long and most of the time did not have any health problems at the same time.? When eating healthy food and the longer we reconnect to the earth, the more our body responds with improved health.

There is a movement worldwide that people want to get back to basics and hopefully, in the near future, we will re-evolve into a grounded society through access to conductive homes, offices, schools, bedding, furniture, and especially good footwear. For most people our fast-paced lifestyle without proper physical activity, created a sick society and with it enjoyment of life is eroded and it has become a roller coaster. Earthing is not a cure-all, but is effective, safe and deserves through exploration and exploitation as primary health and healing tool combined with using herbal medicinal personal care products with no harmful toxic chemical ingredients.

Is there any hope to get things under control again?

Scientists and researchers believe that the miraculous versatile medicinal plant from India, the neem tree (Azadirachta indica A.Juss) could be one of the safe solution for solving our global problems and save our Mother Earth! As the global scenario is now changing towards the use of non-toxic plant derived botanical products base on traditional use, development of modern products from neem are in place for the control of various diseases.

There is an almost unlimited potential what neem has to offer since the tree has a unique source of various types of healing compounds. Everything from the tree is medicinal: bark. cake, flowers, fruit, honey, leaves, oil, roots, timber, twigs.

Neem is extremely beneficial to save the environmental pollution, offers flood control, erosion, salimation, rehabilitation of degraded ecosystems and wastelands, recommended for reforestation, useful for windbreaks in areas of low rainfall and high wind speed and protects crop, organic farming, non-toxic herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, pesticides, fertilizer, climate change, veterinarian medicine, dental care, cosmetics and personal care products, epidemics, birth control, preventing diseases.

Several therapeutically and industrial useful preparations and compounds have been marketed worldwide. This created enough encouragement among scientists in exploring more information about this remarkable plant. Neem is also one of the most researched trees on earth and over two decades of research resulted in over 2500 scientific papers published promising interesting results in so many disciplines that this obscure specie may be of enormous benefit to countries rich and poor and eventually each person on the planet can benefit from it.

Even some of the most cautious researchers are now saying “neem deserves to be called a wonder tree” and the United Nations declared it as “the tree of the 21st century!” Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the Indian Nation was very fond of neem leaf chutney. It is said that the secret of his health was the neem leaf!

On May 12, 2017 the new WORLD NEEM ORGANISATION, Mumbai, India was registered with 14 core-founding members from Africa, Australia, Bangladesh, India, North America, Europe and The Middle East to educate professional and consumers alike about healing power of the nee tree and I was appointed to represent North America and Northern Europe (Germany, United Kingdom and Scandinavian countries) and a NEEM WAVE worldwide will be created with a banner “Neem: Earth's Saviour!” LONG LIVE THE NEEM TREE!

Words of Wisdom
So many people spend their health gaining wealth, and then have to spend their wealth to regain health.
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Klaus Ferlow, Honorary Master Herbalist, HMH) Dominion Herbal College, Herbal Advocate (HA) Canadian Herbalist's Association, member of Health Action Network Society,National Health Federation, Neem Foundation & World Neem Organisation, Mumbai, India and other organizations. Writer of over 70 educational articles about health, healing, herbs, nutrition been published in health and woman's magazines worldwide in print and online and the internet.
Co-author of the book “7stepstodentalhealth” and author “Neem – Nature's Healing Gift to Humanity”
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