Supplements For Neurological Recovery
Supplements for Neurological Health

Products For Overall Immune System Support


Colostrum is the component of breast milk that is formed during the first 48 hours after birth. Supplemental colostrum is generally derived from bovine (cow) colostrum. It is rich in natural immune agents including Immunoglobulins IgG, IgA and IgM, in various growth and transfer factors. Transfer factors dramatically increase the ability of the immune system to fight infections and disease. Colostrum supplements help to regulate the immune response and they inhibit the growth of a wide variety of harmful pathogens, including bacteria, viruses, yeasts, and other microorganisms.

When choosing a colostrum, look for a product from pasture fed cows that is free of pesticides, antibiotics and hormones, and that has been low-heat processed to preserve the vital growth factors.

Dosage - 1000 - 5000 mg daily


Products For Muscle Weakness and to Regain Strength


Creatine is being used by some neurological patients to help maintain muscle mass and strength. It is a protein made from amino acids, and is found naturally in the body. Studies have suggested that people with neuromuscular diseases may have lower creatine levels. Supplementing with extra creatine may also increase the available energy for brain nerve cells.

Dosage - Take 2 to 5 grams daily

Human Growth Hormone

HGH is also being used by some ALS patients to improve energy levels and to reduce fatigue. HGH also maintains lean body mass, counteracts insulin, and enhances immunity. Many people have low levels of HGH, including individuals with autoimmune disorders.

Dosage - HGH is available by prescription and is injectable. You or your caregiver can learn to give the injections yourself.

Products To Reduce Inflammation


Turmeric (Curcuma longa), the distinctive yellow-orange spice that lends flavor to curries and other ethnic dishes, may do a lot more than jazz up food, research shows. The health benefits of turmeric are numerous, and since it is a natural food substance, this powdery spice can be safely ingested on food or in the form of supplements.

Curcuminoids, which are the active ingredients in turmeric, have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, thus making them useful in both prevention and intervention.

Products to Nourish the Cells

Calcium AEP

In 1941, a unique form of calcium, Calcium 2-amino ethyl phosphoric acid (Ca-AEP or Ca-2AEP) was discovered by the biochemist Erwin Chargaff. Chargaff found that Ca-AEP was a vital component in the structure of cell membranes.

Calcium EAP (Ethanol Phosphate) / Calcium AEP (Amino Ethanol Phosphate) are nutritional therapies which contain both a mineral (calcium) and a chemical, Ethanol Phosphate (a chemical found in the protective covering around nerve cells). The idea of combining Ethanol Phosphate with calcium originated with Hans Nieper, MD of Germany in 1964, who began experimenting with mineral compounds to help heart patients.

Dr. Nieper believed that nutrients are only useful when they are readily available at the cellular level. His theory was that positive mineral ions such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium may have more difficulty becoming "bioavailable" (available for the body's use) because they have such difficulty passing through cell membranes.

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