Autism and Cod Liver Oil

Autism and Cod Liver Oil

Importance of Omega-3 Fatty Acids (EFA's) for
Children on The Spectrum

Autism and Cod Liver Oil - Omega-3 is an essential fatty acid found in cod liver oil for kids. Essential fatty acids aren't called "essential" for nothing - they are an absolute requirement for proper brain functioning. Omega-3 fatty acids cannot be produced in the human body, and must be provided through the diet. Omega-3's can be obtained through certain plant foods such as flax seeds, but the best and most easily metabolized was to get your EFA's is through fish oils.

There are several good fish oils on the market. When choosing a fish oil, it is very important to obtain one that is molecularly distilled and is guaranteed free of heavy metals, PCBs and other toxins. It should also be free of food colorings and artificial flavorings. As well, the fish oil must be fresh - if it smells fishy, it has oxidized and is rancid. Fish oil should have no fishy smell or taste

Cod liver oil comes from the liver of the fish, whereas "fish oil" comes from the entire fish. Both oils have the benefits of EPA and DHA oils; however, cod liver oil has the additional advantage of having a natural form of Vitamin A which is critical for autistic spectrum disorder children, who cannot metablize artificial forms of vitamin A, such as vitamin A palmitate.

Canadian paediatrician Dr. Meg Megson has developed an amazing treatment protocol for autistic children based on the use of natural Vitamin A cod liver oil. Here is what she says about Vitamin A in its natural form, such as cod liver oil:

"...Vitamin A in the natural form, such as cod liver oil, helps to rebuild areas in the brain, called receptors, that affect vision and speech. These areas are dramatically affected in children with developmental delays, such as autistic spectrum disorders. This helps to explain some of the commonly seen characteristics in children with autism such as "sideways" glance and decreased or no speech.

DHA and EPA oils are essential fatty acids that studies have shown to be critical for a variety of health problems, such as bi-polar disorder and other forms of biologically based brain disorders, including schizophrenia. It is these concentrated levels of Vitamin A that are critical for the visual reconnection we are seeing in the children. The "sideways" glance that is typical in many children with autism disappears quickly when they're on cod liver oil."

- Dr. Meg Megson

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