Why Are We Sick As We Age?
Why Do We Get Sick As We Age?

About 18 years ago, I was taking a class in meditation in which we were being led in a guided visualization. I went into a very deep state, and then suddenly, like an arrow piercing the still winter air, I heard this voice inside say, “We were never meant to be so burdened.” Some experiences are somehow etched in one’s memory, and I have never forgotten this. It impacted me deeply.

At first, I attributed this to mean only mentally and emotionally burdened, but as I have come to understand the nature of chronic, degenerative disorders, I also know that this means physically, as well.

The Japanese Have This Right
The Japanese have a medical document that has never been translated into English. It states that from around 1900 to the end of WWII most of the diseases in the world were – what they called – “diseases of contagion”. They were created by the introduction of an outside pathogen – a bacteria, a virus, etc. With the advent of antibiotics and some other pharmaceuticals these diseases of contagion were fairly effectively treated.

At the end of WWII, the American government had storehouses of chemicals to be used for the war endeavor, had it lasted longer. Instead of stockpiling these chemicals or disposing of them, scientists found a way to use many of them to preserve foods so that they could have a longer shelf life, thereby extending the profit of burgeoning food companies and manufacturers. It was really at this point that American society went from being agrarian-based to being technology-based. Packaged foods could now last a long time. Artificial flavors and colors, preservatives, hydrogenated fats, glutamates, etc, created a new market and Americans were ingesting TV dinners and other refined packaged foods in a way that was never imagined. The technology had freed many from the ordeal of growing and preparing one’s own food. But at what cost?

The Japanese go on to say that the majority of disorders since the end of The Second World War are “diseases of toxicity”. They are triggered as a result of the increased exposure to new chemicals from industry in the air we breathe, the water we drink and, to a very large degree, the food we eat. So, now, we are not only exposed to bacteria and viruses, but to heavy metals like mercury, plastics, herbicides, pesticides, food additives, increasing antibiotic and pharmaceutical usage, fluoride, etc. This toxic burden triggers “misplaced immunity”. The immune system sends out auto-antibodies to expel these “outside invaders” but begins to attack healthy tissue instead because cellular communication breaks down with this toxic insult.

The Japanese seem right on the money! Fifty or even forty years ago, did you know anyone with Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue or Type 2 Diabetes or Chemical Sensitivities? How about Autism or Alzheimer’s

Adding Insult To Injury
What compounds this situation even more is that chemicals and heavy metals compete for the same biological space as essential minerals, B vitamins and some other nutrients. So, not only are we poisoned, but undernourished as well!
The combination of the two is the main physical trigger creating disease as we know it in this modern age. I know it may be difficult to imagine we Americans as undernourished, but it turns out that one can be obese AND undernourished at the same time.

So, What To Do?

Two areas need to be addressed, no matter what the disorder or symptoms may be. Some environmental doctors believe that there is only one autoimmune disorder and hundreds of symptoms. The two areas are to decrease the cumulative toxic burden on the body and to get proper, whole food nutrition and supplementation to the cells.

Detoxifying clay for bathing, FAR infrared sauna, grapefruit seed extract (for yeast and fungus overgrowth), colloidal silver, a good probiotic and a liver detoxifier or cleanser are a few products that will safely and effectively address this toxic insult in all of us.

A whole foods diet, eliminating or significantly decreasing refined carbohydrates, sugars, packaged foods, refined flour, sodas, non-fermented diary and non-organic beef and poultry, will help to alkalize an over acidic inner terrain that is a perfect breeding ground for opportunistic organisms like bad bacteria, yeast, fungus and even mold. These foods and other proper nutritional supplements will help heal the gut, which is often the starting point for misplaced autoimmunity issues.

It is said that “Genetics loads the gun, but environment pulls the trigger”. We may not be able to control our genetics, but we can all make informed conscious decisions about the foods we eat, the levels of toxins we expose ourselves to, and the amount of stress in our lives. These choices may very well be the difference between a life that is compromised by poor health or a life that is blessed with joy and well-being.

Recommended: One thing we recommend for anyone who has a health condition, is to have a hair mineral analysis test done.

How can a hair analysis help one achieve better health? If we consider that diet is what we consume and nutrition is what we retain, then we can see that discovering what the body needs when it needs it is a valuable tool in creating health.

Hair analysis test report

A hair analysis can determine which essential minerals the body is needing more of and which toxic elements it needs to eliminate. It also provides valuable insight into the body's metaoblism and what dietary changes would be most helpful for recovery.

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