Eric is Winning Book by Eric Edney

Eric is Winning Book

Beating a Terminal Illness with Nutrition, Avoiding Toxins and Common Sense
by Eric Edney

What do you do when your Medical Doctor tells you that you have a terminal illness for which there is no treatment and no cure?

"Eric is Winning" chronicles Eric's reaction and his successful fourteen year survival with ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease).

Eric Edney was an extremely active outdoorsman when he was diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) at age fifty-nine. He was a hunter, fisherman, dirt bike rider, water-skier, dune buggy racer, golfer and raquetball player for many years prior to his illness. He was an insurance company executive and in the last few years owned his own insurance agency.

Eric is Winning Book

Eric and Glenna lived in their custom-built home on two acres complete with fruit trees, a vegetable garden, chickens, geese, ducks and one peacock. They thought this was their retirement home. Then the diagnosis of ALS forced retirement and the sale of their home.

The purpose of this book is to provide information, hope and inspiration to anyone suffering with ALS. Although it was written primarily for ALS patients and their caregivers, the ideas and protocols are applicable to anyone with a neurological disorder, such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, and Alzheimer's.

What is important to note is that Eric has managed to completely stop the progression of ALS, and to reverse many of his symptoms. He also knows at least seven other ALS people who have also managed to stop the progression of the illness.

What are these ALS patients doing that is helping them to achieve this previously unheard of outcome? They are all following a program similar to the one which Eric devised for himself, which includes avoiding all toxins, detoxifying the body, and regenerating the nervous system.

An Excerpt from the Introduction by Neal Rouzier, MD

"When I first read Eric Edney's account of how he halted the progression of ALS, I was impressed that a layperson could have so much insight into health. At the same time I was disappointed that it was not a healthcare professional that was telling us what to do and what not to do.

Although I sincerely commend Eric for his excellent commentary, I cannot help feeling disappointed in the obvious deficit in the way conventional medicine treats those with difficult diagnoses as well as age-related health problems."

"Despite the incredible wonder drugs and sophisticated technology to save lives, most medicine isn't practiced with an eye to longevity or optimal health. Instead, most conventional medicine remains occupied with prescribing drugs to treat established diseases as opposed to preventing them."

"I am a conventional physician, yet there is no conventional treatment that helped Eric. I too am an alternative physician because that's all that has worked for Eric. One could also call it preventative medicine. The various treatments and regimens that Eric recommends are not specific for ALS or any other disease."

"He practices simple, basic preventive medicine, which should be practiced by all humans and taught by all physicians. Most simply, put back in the body those things that are missing. Take out those elements that are harmful, avoid anything toxic, eat the correct diet, take the correct supplements, exercise, love and respect one another. Unfortunately this simple solution is not found in any medical textbook."

"Perhaps you would have had pity on Eric when he could not feed himself, hold a fishing pole or do one pushup. That's the old Eric. Even though he still has the stigmata of ALS, the new Eric will out-fish you, do 20 push-ups, 100 leg presses, and crush your hand in a handshake. If you could have seen him then and see him now, you would be impressed."

"He has managed to stop the progression of his disease as well as dramatically improve his residual function, which, up until now, has not been possible. And to give credit where credit is due, everything Eric does is not from my recommendation but through his own research and knowledge. Kudos to Eric!"

"The challenge for practitioners with a holistic/functional/integrative approach is to step back and look at the big picture: What are the ways to fine tune an aging body formed by bad habits, environmental factors, genetics, diet and laziness?

To me Eric has been a teacher from whom I will learn and pass on to others. This global view of healthy aging or preventative medicine takes us far beyond conventional medicine and becomes a challenge for we physicians who have witnessed successes like Eric."

"The ravaging effects of chronic inflammation and toxins in the body will continue to wreck havoc and result in degenerative illness for millions in spite of simple therapies which can prevent this. It is my hope that his book will enlighten many so that they may not suffer the consequences of degenerative illness. Don't just treat the disease, build up the body so it can put up a good fight."

"As a physician I look for learning opportunities in unforseen detours of life. It may seem bizarre to look at a life-threatening disease as an opportunity for growth and learning, but that is exactly what has taken place here. ALS was an unplanned obstacle in the adventure of life for Eric. Imagine that a wise teacher has set up your life. Each obstacle was placed to teach you a needed lesson. This wise teacher provides these hurdles so that you and others may learn."

"I have learned to value the lessons taught to me by the precious and fragile adventure of life. So has Eric. Now my greatest challenge is to evaluate patients from what I've learned from Eric before life takes them on an unplanned detour. This will make my medical practice distinctly satisfying. And for Eric, directing and helping others has made life more satisfying. That's why he wrote this book. Thank you, Eric."

"And PS - Never stop learning."

A Look at the Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: The Bad News

Chapter 2: ALS Basics & My Program Basics

Chapter 3: Foundation For My Program

Chapter 4: Pre-established Beliefs

Chapter 5: Toxins - Possible Cause of ALS & Other Chronic Illnesses

Chapter 6: The Beginning of ALS - 1990 Thru 1996

Chapter 7: Avoid All Toxins

Chapter 8: Detoxify the Body

Chapter 9: Diet & Dietary Supplements

Chapter 10: Starting a New Program

Chapter 11: Driving a Car

Chapter 12: MY ALS Symptoms

Chapter 13: The ALS Comeback

Chapter 14: Doing It Over

Chapter 15: Motivation

Chapter 16: Summary

ALS Regimen Outline

An Excerpt From the Summary:

"It has been eleven years since my first diagnosis and fourteen years since my first symptoms. I would like to encourage you to follow a program similar to mine and here's why. There are many others who have survived ALS for 10 years or more. I am not the Lone Ranger. Let me tell you about a few whom I have had direct contact with by e-mail. I don't know their entire history, but I'll tell you the little bit that I do know. Here they are:

First Person: Heavy supplement program including Vitamin E and Grape Seed Extract. Number of amalgams unknown.

Second Person: Supplement and diet program similar to mine. Number of amalgams unknown.

Third Person: Supplement and diet program similar to mine. All amalgams removed.

Fourth Person: Supplement Program. All amalgams removed plus removal of one root canal tooth and Periodontal Ligament.

Fifth Person: Supplement program. Never had any amalgams. He is a retired dentist and has only gold fillings.

Sixth Person: Strict diet and massive supplements. Still has two or three amalgams.

If you include me, I make number seven. I'm on a strict diet and massive supplements. I only had two amalgams and they were removed."

"All these people are long-term survivors of ALS of nine years or more without any breathing apparatus or peg tube inserted directly into the stomach for feeding. That's pretty remarkable. Make note of the fact that every one of them is on some kind of diet and supplement program. Also, most of them have no amalgam fillings. A common thread with all of them is that they are all following the same general idea. That is detox, diet and supplements."

"The critics can say what they want, but I know my program, at the very least, has already extended my life. My improvement simply cannot be coincidental. No other ALS patient that I know has ever improved from ALS by accident. The improvement always coincides with some specific program that they have followed."

"I am really certain that I have overcome ALS and I will probably live another 20 years or more (unless I'm hit by a truck)."

"When I was on the Sanofi Drug Trials, the doctor at Scripps would examine me every month. After seeing my improvement, month after month, he finally remarked one day: "Eric, you will have to get something else to kill you, because ALS isn't going to do it".

- Eric Edney

Letter Written to Eric Edney on June 11, 2005
"I just wanted to tell you that your book is outstanding. My husband was just diagnosed with ALS in March. He wasn't even able to walk. Now he walks with no problems. I'm following your book strictly, it is improving his health.

I just wanted to say "THANK YOU" for taking the time to write this book. It's helped our family tremendously."

God Bless You,

Brenda & James Lisinski
Ashley, Nathan, Jamee
Feedback from one of our customers!

"My mother was diagnosed with ALS in April 2005 by Dr. Perry at the U of Minnestoa. Her mouth is full of crowns and amalgams plus she had at least 15 flu shots. She started to have leg damage 2 weeks after having her last flu shot in Nov. of 2004. She was not on any meds and was 75 yrs old. She did 5 treatments of IVIG and by the time we got to the U of Minnesota in April she was in a wheelchair and in pain, her feet were purple and red with blood and swollen.

We turned to accupunture and cupping with Dr. Ty Van Nguyen in Stillwater. We bought your book Eric is Winning.... She is turning 81 and has recovered full use of her hands and arms, her trunk muscles and her brain is wonderful. She can do transfers and is learning to walk ... Thank you for your book - it helped us move forward in trying alternative medicine. You helped!"

- Cathy M., Minnesota

More Information on Alternative Support Therapies for ALS
Other Useful Information for People with ALS

Useful Tests
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Detoxification Therapy
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in numerous neurological disorders.
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pH Balance Therapy
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Antioxidant Therapy
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Herbal Therapy
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to support neurological health.
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Vitamins and Minerals
Vitamins & minerals that can be useful for people with neurological symptoms.
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Viral & Bacterial Support
Scientists have long surmised that
there may be an infectious component to neurological symptoms, and while
this has not been proven, it would be prudent to take natural and safe substances that effectively rid the body of viruses, bacteria and mycoplasma. 
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Supportive Supplements
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ALS Links and Resources
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Causes of ALS
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Early Symptoms of ALS
The onset of ALS/MND is often very subtle – these are the initial symptoms to watch for.
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Genetic Testing for ALS
ALS/MND is hereditary in only 10 percent of families.  The vast majority of ALS cases are sporadic, meaning that although there is likely a genetic predisposition involved, ALS is not directly inherited in a family. 
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Diagnosing ALS
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ALS and Dental Amalgams
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Dietary Regimen for ALS
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Medications for ALS
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Stem Cell Therapy
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